Converting Dead Space Into Usable Storage

I love to dream up ways to make life more efficient. While Airstream does a remarkable job with space utilization, I've found additional ways to improve life on the road.

#1 - Under the sink is a wastebasket and a roll of paper towels that liked to unravel. I replaced the holder with one that grips the roll and has a ratcheting mechanism so no more fussing to manage the roll. There was a large empty space underneath and so I put the original towel holder underneath so we can store the extra roll of paper towels without using other cabinet space.

#2 - Acrylic Shelves - I copied this from the another Airstream owner named Getridaone.

1/4 inch acrylic shelving would normally sag but he came up with using aluminum C-channel to add strength and beautify the result at the same time. This first photo is of our clothes closets. We roll and stack our clothing and this shelf makes it a lot easier to organize things and keep them from getting too jammed together and wrinkled.

I decided to continue this design to make better use of space in a kitchen cabinet where we store plates, bowls and drinkware. The first photo is the Before shot, what a mess.

In case you want to duplicate this project, I use a piece of wood as a template so all the shelf clips are mounted at the same height, first drilling a small pilot hole not very deep, then follow up with a larger drill bit that has tape on it to help me not drill too far and poke out the other side of the cabinet wall. The aluminum C-channel is attached with Parabond glue, very sticky stuff. The C-channel is cut shorter for the back edge so I can slide the shelf through the shelf clips. I had a local plastics supplier fabricate the shelf with the holes cut for the drinkware. Oh, and we tried putting the drinkware right side up but they wobbled around more during travel. If you would rather not mess with the fabrication of the shelf with its aluminum edges, contact me and perhaps I can ship you a shelf ready for installation.

#3 - Storage behind the driver's seat - I had to solve two problems... I could not stack things on the flexible dog crate with Winston inside, and if we left him there and went away for a while, he would chew his way through the side mesh and escape. I even tried tightly packing things between the crate and the driver's seat and still the little Houdini would get out. We would return from lunch and there he was, standing up in the driver's seat to greet us.

Using a 12" wide shelf cut it into three pieces and some angle brackets, I made it a free standing shelf that fits snugly around the dog crate and prevents unauthorized departures. Now we had a place to put the laundry basket. I secured the whole thing to the wall using the same screw in tab that once held the Corian portable table that we never use. Notice the red crate... he had destroyed the blue one.

You see that little Vornado heater next to the dog crate? Best $100 I've spent for comfort on a cold night.

#4 - Tool storage - When we were downsizing, I got rid of my rollaway tool chest... sniff. It's ok though, it was a big catch all and I could never keep it organized. I pulled out only the tools I thought I would need for most jobs and arranged them in a tool roll. I store this in the drivers door cubby area for quick access.

#5 - Small Tools and Supplies - I love these little organizer bins. I found some sturdy ones at Home Depot, Husky brand. One has small tools, fuses, glue and the other one has batteries. They both fit together into one of the magazine rack cubbies that we had never used.

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