What the heck is an Amazon Associate?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Through the process of building a home in Costa Rica and traveling full time in our Airstream van, we have come across a lot of nifty products that make life easier. We recently became an Amazon Associate; if you click on any of our product links, and then add your items to your shopping cart, then Amazon will send us a small percentage of your total purchase.

They do not charge you anything extra. You don't even need to buy the dog treats, or whatever our link takes you to. This is a way for Amazon to reward people like us who promote our favorite products in blog posts and on forums, etc. It works for all your purchases and does not require you to buy anything other than your normal stuff.

So if you would like to help at no cost to you, please bookmark our link for future shopping and click on it before you add items to your cart on Amazon. Thank you !

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